• Washer Repair

  • There are several reasons your washer won't spin. One of the most common washing machine issues is a drum that won't turn. When your washer won’t spin, it's time to call the professionals at Kelly Appliance!

    Here are some common problems:

    Lid Switch

    If the lid switch stops working, your washing machine won’t spin nor will it won’t work at all.

    Drive Belt

    If the drive belt is broken the drum will turn easily without resistance.

    Drive Motor

    In washing machines that us a reversing motor, it may burn out in one of the directions. While working fine to agitate the wash it may not spin or the other way around. Sometimes there may be a sputtering or a sparking underneath. Either way it will need replacing.

    Motor Coupler

    Some washer have a small motor coupling made of rubber and plastic. If the motor coupler fails, it'll need to be replaced.


    If your washing machine uses a clutch, it can become worn out over time and will eventually not spin at all. Only a licensed technician will be able to fix your washer.


    The problem could related to the pump. The pump pulley can freeze up or the pump belt may be worn or broken. In either case, it will need to be replaced.