• Refrigerator Repair

  • If the refrigerator isn't cold enough, though uncommon, the main control board may be defective. Be sure to check the cooling fans, cooling controls, and the defrost system first.

    The thermistor monitors the temperature of the air. It could be defective. It could cause the the refrigerator to constantly cool or not cool at all.

    Your refrigertator may have a defective thermostat. It controls the power that flows through the compressor, the condenser fan, and the evaporator fan. If the refrigerator or freezer isn't working right you may have a defrost system problem or an airflow problem.

    The condensor pulls air over the condensor coils, thus, cooling them. Something may get caught in the fan or the motor may be defective which will effect the ability of the refrigerator to get cool enough.

    The evaporator fan motor may have stopped working. This motor circulates cold air from coils throughout the compartment. Some models have more than one evaportor fan motor.

    The start relay is mounted to the side of the compressor. It's provide power at start-up to het the compressor going. If the start relay is defective the compressor will run intermittently or not at all which means the refrigerator won't get cold.

    The start capacitor acts like a battery to boost the compressor at startup. If the start capacitor burns out the compressor won't start and run as it should. It's become defective and needs to be replaced.

    If the temperature control board is defective, it won't be able to provide voltage to the compressor and fan motors. Home owners often misdiagnose this which is why a professional technician should be called in to fix the problem.

    The condenser, like a radioator, must remain clean so that it can dissipate the heat removed from the refrigerator. Dirty coils cause the refrigerator to work harder. If the coils get too dirty the refrigerator will not get cold enough inside the unit.

    If the compressor is defective there are often many other components that are likely to be defective as well. The compressor motor compresses and circulates refrigerant through the condensor coils and through the evaporator. If the compressor is defective you'll need to call a technician to replace it.

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