• Oven/Stove Repair

  • Electric Stoves/Ovens

    The main reason a stovetop won't heat is a defective heating element. The electric oven has a heating element on top for broiling and another one on the bottom for baking. If the element is not glowing orange or red it has burnt out and is not working.

    Some electrical ovens use a temperature-sensing bulb to regulate the oven's temperature. It may be loose or even burnt out. Other electrical ovens use a temperature sensor that can become defective so the oven won't heat effectively.

    Gas Stoves/Ovens

    If you can't light your stove the ignitor may be defective. If your oven is heating the bake ignitor may be defective. Another issue could be a defective gas safety valve.

    Other Issues

    If your oven is running too hot or is just not at the correct temperature you will need a profession technician to calibrate it.

    You may have a defective selector switch or thermostat causing your oven not to heat.

    If your oven contains two heating elements, you should also have two relays. Over a period of time these relays can burn out.

    Please don't hesitate to call or book an appointment with Kelly Appliance, Inc.. Our trained, safety-conscious technicians with repair your gas or electric stove/oven!