• Microwave Repair

  • Kelly Appliance has repaired many microwave ovens throughout the years. Many of them have the same symptoms - no heat and more noise than usual. It can be a complicated and even dangerous process if you have no experience or training to fix it yourself. It has a high voltage circuit comprising a transformer, a capacitor, a diode and a magnetron.

    In order to heat the food, the high voltage powers the magnetron. Now the magnetron won't receive the voltage it needs to operate if the diode becomes burnt out.  This will stop the microwave from heating your food or drink. We have the parts you need and the expertise to fix it for you.

    Reasons for sparking in your microwave:

    Small Pieces of Metal

    A tiny piece of metal can cause your microwave to spark. If you've used steel wool to clean the inside of your microwave a scrap from the wool might be left behind. If a small piece of foil is left on the dish you are heating up sparks could fly. Also remove the foil covering from the dish as it could start a fire. Always use microwave safe dishes as well. Some dishes have metal inbedded and with cause sparks.

    Wave Guide Cover is Damaged

    If the wave guide cover which guides the heat waves to the food in the center of the microwave is damaged, food particles or grease may enter the magnetron and stick to the wave guide. The heat from the magnetron can burn the food and cause sparks that damage magnetron.

    Damaged Rack Support

    Certain microwaves have a part that looks like a hook. This is a rack support. If you see your microwave sparking near the rack support, the paint has worn off and needs replacing.

    Diodes Burned or Shorted

    Sparking may also be caused by the high voltage diodes getting burnt or shorted in the microwave.

    Call the professionals at Kelly Appliance for all your microwave repairs.