• Dryer Repair

  • Here are some common dryer problems:

    Dryer Takes Too Long

    More often than not the vent is blocked by lint. If this is not the case your problem may be with the thermostat or heating element

    Dryer Turns But There's No Heat

    So, your dryer tumbles but doesn't heat up. You may have a blown fuse or breaker. If it's a gas dryer you may need the ignition replaced.

    Clothes Get Torn/Burned

    If your clothes are being torn or burned your dryer's rollers are probably worn out causing the clothes to be caught behind the drum. There may also be issues with damaged glides or drum seals.

    Dryer Is Noisy

    The dryer may have worn out motor bearings, loose rollers, or a worn out drum belt.

    Dryer Won’t Start

    Your dryer may have a faulty or broken thermal fuse or electronic part.

    Dryer Heats But Doesn't Tumble

    Your dryer may have something wrong with the door switch, motor, or belt.

    Whatever the problem may be, Kelly Appliance will be there to fix it for you.